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Rest in Peace Go Eunbi



For those that don’t know, Ladies’ Code Go Eunbi/”EunB”, has passed away from a major car accident today.

once a lady, forever a lady.


Someone later today will wake up, login to twitter/tumblr and see that their bias has passed away in a car accident.

I fucking feel terrible.

Unfortunately, at 1:20 AM in South Korea, EunB [Go Eun Bi] had passed away in a very tragic car accident. The car had slid down a rainy, slippery road and crashed. I’m not really a fan of Ladies Code, but my heart broke when I heard this news. It was my first time in my entire life knowing a recent idol that had passed away. It’s very unfortunate. She was only 22 and had a whole life ahead of her. She was beautiful and talented as well. Bless her and the other members. Hwaiting, Ladies Code’s fans and members.

rest in peace, EunB, may you be watching over your family, friends, fans, and members in heaven. all of us will miss you dearly.

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